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Official Questions:
How do I merge my rings?
How do I get a different NavBar?
How do I get my ring back?
What are the steps to become a member of WebRing?
What exactly are the benefits of joining WebRing?
What are the responsibilities of a Ring Manager?
How do I search WebRing blogs for topics of interest?
Why do half the rings I belong to not show up when in My Account anymore?
I belong to many WebRings. Why do I only see one NavBar on my page?
How can WebRing members do business with each other?
What do the columns and numbers mean when I view "Sites visitors arrive from" or "Sites users visit"?
What do the columns of numbers on the "Rings You Manage" page mean?
How do you buy a ring?
How do I add contacts to the My Account page?
How do I add myself as a contact on a friend's profile?
How do I get people to join my WebRing?
How long does it take for my application to a WebRing to be approved?
Why don't some WebRing Managers accept Webrings/Links/Affiliates/Partners/Friends pages? I don't want to put NavBars on my main page!
Why don't some managers accept sites with a Pass-L status in their WebRings?
What kind of description should I write for the WebRing I manage?
Why did a WebRing manager reject my site, saying I was a "Webring Collector"? Isn't it good to belong to as many WebRings as possible?
How do I start a blog here on WebRing?
How do I transfer ownership of the NavBar on my old website to the new webmaster?
How many different rings can I join with one site?
Can I go to arbitration if a Ring Manager refuses to activate my site which meets all the required ring criteria?
If an applicant has submitted a page without code to a ring that has no manager, and a Super-user encounters this application, should the application be put on hold or denied?
What are WebRing alerts!
Do I have to have WebRing alerts all the time? Can I turn them off?
Can I make the NavBar links open in a new window?
How many members do I need to have in a WebRing for the ring to stay viable, and how long do I have to get that many members?
How do I use my credit?
Converting credits to Activity Points
How do I add a horizontal NavBar to my ring if it doesn't have one?
Is there a way to use an FTP program to upload files to my Personal Storage/Webspace?
The "help bar" tells me I can gain activity points by processing pending requests. Does that apply only to ring managers, or to anyone (and if so, how do I do that?)
My web site is showing a vertical nav bar, and I want to change it back to horizontal. How do I go back to a horizontal bar?
How do I request a manual review of my site to have a failing status removed?
How do I reactivate my WebRing blog? It has been 'temporarily' suspended.
What is the maximum size for free website hosting with WebRing?
i keep getting emails asking me to clear my alerts, what are they and how do i clear them?
How do I change my username?
hmm, how to do this?
How do I send a message a Ring Manager?
After embedding a video on my blog, I can't edit it or delete it, nor can I get to any other of my blog entries. How can I fix this?
How do I check how many visits my site has had?

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